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Here at Payday Loans Central we want to help you make the right decision when it comes to getting a payday advance. On this page, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions by people who are thinking about getting a payday advance. Hopefully this will help you answer all of your questions and help you make a decision about getting a short term loan.

How fast can you get a loan?

Many of the loan lenders we work with allow you to get a loan within on hour. After completing the loan application and being approved, you will then work with the loan lending company to secure the loan. This process can often take under 60 minutes.

How large of a loan can you get?

Cash loans are available in installments of $100 and up to a total of $1500.

How long are the loans for?

The average loan time is two weeks or until your next pay check. The actually loan length is calculated after you are approved and accept the loan. The loan lending company will provide the exact length of the loan.

What happens if you cannot pay back the loan or you make a late payment?

Just like with any type of loan, if you miss a payment or cannot pay back the loan, you will be charged additional fees. If you do not pay back the loan at all, the loan lending companies will result to legal actions and will report the non-payment to a consumer reporting agency.

How much does a payday advance cost?

How large of a fee you pay with you loan depends on your application. Payday loan lending companies look at your background and make an informed decision on your APR rate. We just connect you with loan lenders and they present this information to you after your application has been approved. When you are presented with the loan by the loan lending company, you still have the option to not accept it.

Can you renew a cash loan?

The option to renew a loan depends on the loan lending company. It is wise to review the loan renewal policy very thoroughly before accepting.

Please note that Payday Loans Central is here to help you make an informed decision if you should get a payday advance or not. We are not a loan lending company but can help you connect with a loan lending company if you choose to get a short term loan.