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Jan 8

Instant Cash Advance

On our blog here at Payday Loans Central, we’ve given you information on the pros and cons of getting a cash advance and how we work with our loan lending companies to get you a low interest payday loan. Today we are going to focus on instant cash advances and the process of getting a payday advance in one hour.

low interest payday loans

Why are they called Instant Cash Advances?

They are referred to as instant because of how fast you can get the loan. When applying for a short term loan you can actually go through the entire application process and have the money you need within on hour. The reason why so many people get payday loans is because they are so easy to get! When people talk about getting fast cash – they are talking about getting a payday advance through a website just like our.

How do you get a cash advance?

In order to get a cash advance you first have to fill out an application. You can reach our application by clicking the big yellow link above. This application will ask you a few questions that need to be completed in order to be approved for the loan. You also have the option of deciding how much money you need. You can take loans out in segments of $100 and all the way up to $1500. You’ll also have to provide things such as your address and the bank account number for where you want the money sent.

Once you complete the application you then will be matched with loan lending companies. If one of those companies approves your application they will send you the money you requested. The best thing about this entire process is that is only takes about one hour to get the entire thing done. From application to the money transfer into your account it only takes 60 minutes.

When do you have to pay the loan back?

The usually length of a cash advance is about two weeks or until your next payday. This is why they call it a short term loan, you are able to get up to $1500, which is about the usually paycheck people are getting every few weeks. During the application process you are able to decide how you want to pay the loan back. You can choose to pay everything back in one lump sum or you can choose a flexible payment plan and pay back the loan in smaller installments. If you do choose to pay back via an installment plan, you may be charge a small extra fee.