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Jan 4

Payday Advance Now!

It’s a new year and with a new year comes new problems. Whether it’s getting the flu from how cold it is outside or new bills for all of the cool gadgets you got for Christmas, the bills add up quickly in the month of January. Don’t get me wrong, the holidays are great but what frequently ends up happening is people overspend on Christmas gifts and travel. Though many prices are reduced, spending a few hundred dollars on a TV and a plane ticket to visit your family can add up. Air fare get especially pricy during the holiday months and can end up leaving you without any extra cash laying around.

low interest payday loans

One strategy that has been used by many people across America is to utilize a payday advance to supplement their income. People who tend to plan ahead and know how much money they are going to spend during the holidays can use a payday advance and take out some extra cash in the form of a small loan to cover their bills and expenses. This is a great way to not only buy all the presents and travel tickets you need but also allows you to have that extra few hundred dollars in your bank account in case of emergency.

What about bills?

Another advantage of getting a low interest payday loan is to use it to cover your bills. As mentioned above, buying all those presents can use up a lot of your savings. By getting a short term loan you can use the $1500 loan to pay off your bills. Everyone knows when you miss a payment on a cable bill or your credit card you end up with ridiculous fees. You’ll end up spending half of your next paycheck paying off late fees. Thankfully a payday loan can be a great way around this. By getting a payday loan you can pay your bills off now and not worry about the huge late fees. It’s easy, simple and a quick way to get money now.

Are interest rates high on payday loans?

In one word? No! We work to get you low interest payday loans and payday advances. We know you need money now and will not take advantage of you. We work as a middle man between you and the loan lending companies. We’ll work to match you up with a loan lender who has low interest rates and can get you cash quickly. It is really a matter of principal for us. If you are looking for a short term loan you obviously in need of money. Why would you want to pay large fees to get that money? It just does not make sense. So we’ll work with you to find a loan provider that works.

Is your website secure?

To get a payday loan you have to fill out an application form. This application asks you for items like your phone number, bank account info and address. These are all necessary for the loan approval process. We take steps to make sure your information stays secure and safe throughout the application process and never sell your information to any spammer or other companies.