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Oct 25

Understanding Interest Rates On Cash Loans

In the past we have spoken at length about interest rates on loans. We have dove into when or when you should not get a short term loan. The key factor to everything we publish here is that you need to be aware of what you are getting yourself into when looking at a small […]

Oct 18

Payday Loans Featured On Huffington Post

You know you are blogging about a big industry when it gets referenced on the Huffington Post. If you are not familiar with the Huffington Post, it is a popular news site that talks about many industries and various news related topics. They actually published some great stats about the use payday loans. Did you know 7 […]

Oct 16

Why People Need Loans

There are tons of articles and blog posts out there that talk about how bad payday loans are for you and that if you cannot pay them back on time you’ll end up in a ton of debt. Well my question is, why would you get this type of loan if you cannot pay it […]

Sep 6

When You Need Cash Now

Recently, JG Wentworth has been doing a ridiculous amount of advertising that focuses on ‘When you need cash now’. They are hoping you will dip into your retirement fund of your IRA and pay back huge interest. The cost to take out one of these loans is pretty astronomical and you are also leveraging against […]

Jul 5

The Quickest Way To Get Cash

Ever been in a really bad position and need a ton of cash quickly? We have all been there. Whether it was needing new tires for your car or a medical emergency for one of your kids, you may find yourself in a position where you need cash in the fast way possible. When you […]