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Oct 16

Why People Need Loans

There are tons of articles and blog posts out there that talk about how bad payday loans are for you and that if you cannot pay them back on time you’ll end up in a ton of debt. Well my question is, why would you get this type of loan if you cannot pay it back?

I mean, come on, everyone knows a payday loan is not the best option to get some quick cash. But chances are if you are considering a loan of this type it is because you are in a bad position. People who live in nice houses and make over $50K a month are not the people who are going to be looking for a cash advance. Sometimes I feel like the industry and the people who regulate it are very out of touch which who the people who need payday loans are.

People who need up to $1500 right now most likely cannot afford to fix their car and need to get to work. We need that money no so we can get on with our lives. If we had family to run to or a paycheck on the way in don’t you think we would go that route? We have turned to a payday loan because it is the last option and need to get money to cover our own butts. We are not looking to buy new rims for our cars or go on a vacation, we are stuck in a bad place and need cash now.

I am so sick of the government trying to regulate how I get my money. I am responsible and if I need emergency cash and decide to get a cash advance then let me do it. I don’t need someone who has never been in my shoes telling me where I can get my money from. Would you rather have me doing something illegal to get cash?